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Specializing in the research and development of energy-efficient technologies for creating products that generate an impact in the world that may not exist today or that need to be improved on and commercialized.

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Software utlizing blockchain for the collector car community

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Collector Car CommunityWorldwide Auctioneers
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About Perpetual Industries

Perpetual Industries Office

Perpetual Industries is a US public company headquartered in Indiana, USA.

We are dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly and energy efficient technologies.

We believe that it is our responsibility to create products that not only provide utility and convenience to our customers, but also have a positive impact on the planet.

Our main business segments:

  • Green Energy Efficient Technology / XYO Mechanical Balancer Products
  • The Collector Community and Software Applications for the Blockchain
  • Digital Asset Mining (Bitcoin)

The company's divisions collaborate to foster innovation across a wide range of sectors, including energy-efficient technologies, blockchain software, green energy power solutions, and cryptocurrency mining.

Perpetual is an emerging growth company with a diverse R&D portfolio, income-generating divisions and a wholly-owned subsidiary. We incubate energy-efficient technologies and commercialize environmentally responsible products.

Our experienced leadership team, established underpinning business “Worldwide Auctioneers”, and proprietary, energy efficient products in development that include “XYO-enhanced domestic washing machine” and the “WindSilo (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)”, are what makes us a unique and diverse company.

Generating Digital Assets Using Solar, Wind, Hydro, Gas Energy

The Board of Directors & Key People

Brent Bedford

Brent W. BedfordChairman of the Board & CEO

Brent founded Perpetual in January 2005 and has served continuously as Chairman, President, and CEO. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the Company’s business, products and markets, as well as substantial experience developing corporate strategy, assessing emerging industry trends, and carrying out business operations. He has a strong background in mechanical applications, and expertise in finance, private and public company startups, and corporate turnarounds.

Trip Thomas

William Griffin Thomas (“Trip”), CPACFO

Trip Thomas holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Tampa and a Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness from the University of Florida. He is a licensed CPA and has more than 19 years of experience in the field of accounting. His experience includes private industry, public company, public accounting and non-profit. Some of his areas of expertise include auditing, budget analysis, fixed assets, financial modeling, SEC financial reporting, GAAP compliance and fair value measurements.

Rod Egan

Rod EganDirector

Rod has served as a Director for Perpetual since 2005 and is the owner, autioneer and Managing Partner of The Worldwide Group, LLC which runs elite collector automobile auctions throughout North America and Internationally. Rod brings strong leadership and management experience to Perpetual's team.

Craig Dansereau

Craig DansereauDirector

A well respected business professional and entrepreneur, Craig has founded and successfully operated a number of private companies ranging from consulting to equipment rental in the fields of construction and Oil & Gas. He plays an instrumental management role at Perpetual in designing, building, customizing and operating the Green Energy Mining (GEM) Systems.

Thomas Ristow

Thomas RistowDirector

Thomas has served as a Director at Perpetual since 2005 and works at Sekisui Chemical GmbH. He has contributed significant industry-specific experience and expertise in the European marketplace.

The Advisory Board

Jeongsoo Park

Dr. Jeongsoo Park
PhD, P.Eng

World-renowned expert in solving noise and vibration problems in rotating machinery. He has authored more than 13 engineering articles about noise and vibration control and has in-depth knowledge of the XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology.

Matt Konkler

Mathew J. Konkler

Mr. Konkler serves as Managing Partner of BlackPoint Creative,a strategic partner. He previously served as Executive Director for NCCO and as senior advisor – national security, with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). He is a two-time recipient of the United States Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

Doug Bauer

Douglas Bauer

Chief Financial Officer at FSLogix software Company, where he led a successful acquisition by Microsoft in late 2018. Over the span of thirty plus years as a financial executive and entrepreneur, he spent a broad portion of his career in the ecommerce space.

Kyle Gough

Kyle Gough

Mr. Gough is a lawyer and founder of Kyle Gough Law, LLC, a firm engineered to provide forward-thinking, proactive business counsel. Kyle’s corporate practice is devoted to asset acquisition and sales, strategic entity creation and legal management, and civil litigation.

Paul Ruffolo

Paul R. Ruffolo, J.D.

Paul is a seasoned digital marketing professional with a foundation in law, having graduated from Widener University School of Law and earning a certificate in International Law from Universita Ca Foscari in Venice. He has collaborated with high-profile individuals like President Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, and the Winklevoss Twins throughout his career.

Clayton Wiest

Clayton Wiest
BA Economics

Clayton owns and operates an independent Insurance and Investment Management firm. He has been licensed and working in the financial planning industry since 2004, specializing in agricultural successions, high net worth professionals and small business owners.

Greg Miller

Greg Miller

Greg is the owner of Drillbit Crypto. He has had extensive experience with cryptocurrency mining since 2011. Prior to that he was an industrial instrumentation & controls technlologist and lead sales and distribution of industrial automation software for GE in Western Canada.

jeff Rhodes

Jeff Rhodes

Co-Founder RnR Energy, Jeff previously worked in the US Navy as an Aviation Mechanic and has extensive experience with many types of machinery including aircrafts, Refrigeration, Heating Venting Air Conditioning(HVAC) and has also earned an Environmental Protection Agency certificate. Jeff is a key consultant in the WindSilo division.

Jesse Taylor

Jesse Taylor

Jesse is the son of the original inventor of the XYO Balancing Balancer Technology and founder of Taylor Toolworks, a strategic partner of Perpetual, and one of North America’s technology leaders in manufacturing cutting tools for the woodworking and metal industries.

Ian McAnerin

Ian McAnerin

A well known expert in search engine marketing, Ian has authored several popular SEO related tools including a patent pending a search related geolocation technology.

Rob Danard

Robert Danard

Founder of FanLogic inc. The cornerstone of Robert's career is his ability to foster strong, positive relationships; to connect individuals, businesses and investment capital in the spirit of cooperation and growth.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary
Worldwide Auctioneers

John Kruse

John Kruse, Principal & Auctioneer

John grew up in the auction industry, refining his skills at some of the biggest auction companies in the country. As a buyer, seller, consultant, and auctioneer, he has been actively involved with vintage motorcars and collection management for his entire life. He is a passionate car enthusiast.

Rod Egan

Rod Egan, Principal & Chief Auctioneer

Rod has managed some of the largest auctions and collections in North America and held senior positions at a number of the world's leading auction houses. Having sold over $3 Billioin of assets over the past 25 years, he is among the elite group of auctioneers around the globe.

AutoGrafic Software Systems

Travis LaVine

Travis LaVine, Co-Founder

Travis LaVine is the second generation of LaVine Restorations, and previously worked with Ernst & Young in Chicago, focusing on state and local tax, credit and incentives, and international tax and restructuring. Prior, Travis attended Michigan State University College of Law, graduating Summa Cum Laude. Travis also holds a B.A. in Economics & Finance, and a B.S. in Mathematics from Bethel University. Travis brings a new creative perspective to the classic car restoration industry and an analytical mindset for integrating new technology into these old cars.

Jason Stoller

Jason Stoller, Co-Founder

Jason Stoller is a reformed attorney that joined LaVine Restorations in 2015. Before joining LaVine Restorations, Jason practiced law in Munich, Germany with a focus on international intellectual property, primarily assisting German companies file patent applications in the U.S. Jason holds a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University, Robert H. McKinney School of Law. Jason also holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and a B.S. in Math/Physics from Bethel University.

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