The XYO Washing Machine

Unprecedented Lower Vibration and High Efficiency

XYO Mechanical Balancers provide significant competitive advantages for the washing machine industry.

Our Proprietary domestic washing machine design dynamically solves vibration at the source.

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A Measurable Impact on Performance

The XYO balancer reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during the spin cycle of washing machines.
The benefits of reduced vibrations include:

  • Higher spin speeds

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Lower noise emissions

  • Less mechanical wear & tear

Market Potential

A high-end niche opportunity exists for best-in-category products that can challenge the status quo by delivering superior performance.

  • 70 million washing machines are produced annually
  • Over 500 million washing machines are used daily

Reducing energy use of all washing machines by 15% is enough to power the city of Milan. XYO can reduce energy use by up to 50%.

World's Most Energy Efficient

We are creating an innovative, energy-efficient domestic washing machine that utilizes The proprietary XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology.

Prototype testing of self-balancing spin baskets for washing machines has established that The XYO balancing Technology is highly effective at reducing vibration when built into the spin basket assembly.

Test Results of The XYO Washing Machine

Using The XYO Balancing Technology in washing machines provides significant measurable results

xyo washing machine

Vibration reduced by up to91%
Power consumption reduced by43%
Noise levels decreased by 10dB
Damper temperature decreased by68%
Energy decreased by68%
Spin speeds increased by90RPM

Additional Benefits Include:

  • The washer will spin faster because of reduced vibration. This will result in increased water extraction and reduced spin cycle time.

  • Increased water extraction results in reduced dryer time and less energy usage

  • Lower shipping costs by eliminating the use of heavy counterweights used to the stabilize the tub during operation.

  • Fewer warranty claims will result from the increased product life of the washing machine; excessive vibration will be avoided using the XYO balancer to reduce mechanical wear.

Washing Machine Test Result Videos

These videos compare a washing Machine WITH & WITHOUT the XYO Balancer added to the spin basket. 1.0kg load (mass imbalance) was added to simulate and unbalanced load. The videos presented here are based on our own internal and independent washing machine study using a prototype XYO Balancer design. Test results showed improvements in vibration, spin speeds, power consumption and noise emissions during preliminary stages of the development.


Full Length - 4 Minutes


60 seconds


60 seconds

Engineering Reports and Technical Data

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