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xyo balancer

XYO Balancing Technology

The XYO Technology delivers energy efficient, high performance solutions for rotating equipment, machinery and devices. This proprietary technology is the result of over 25 years of research and development. We have optimized it specifically to eliminate vibration in rotating equipment and to create environmentally responsible products that operate more efficiently.

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windsilo turbine

WindSilo Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Our WindSilo takes a fresh "spin" on what a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine(VAWT) is. Our unique design features the XYO Technology to optimize spin speeds as well omni-directional capabilities with the ability to control the wind source at all altitudes.

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washing machine

Washing Machine with XYO Technology

Currenty under development, we are creating an innovative, energy-efficient domestic washing machine that utilizes the proprietary XYO Mechanical Balancing Technology to significantly reduce vibration while obtaining higher spin speeds.

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Cryptocurrency mining

GEM - Green Energy Mining

Perpetual Industries is strategically focused on cryptocurrency mining, utilizing renewable energy sources with the introduction of a self powered, “Green Energy Mining” (GEM) System.

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Blockchain Applications

The technology of blockchain opens up a world of new possibilities, and the benefits are continually being discovered. It promises to change a multitude of industries. Understanding this powerful technology is the first step to be able to benefit from its strengths and profit from its wide span of applications in many sectors.

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Worldwide auctioneers

Worldwide Auctioneers

Worldwide Auctioneers is as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Perpetual. They are a US-based boutique auction company that specializes in the sale and acquisition of classic vintage motorcars at auction around the globe.

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AutoGrafic Software

AutoGrafic Software System

The AutoGrafic Software Stystem is as a Service (SaaS) and Car-centric Social Platform. Your digital garage for the cars you have, the cars you want, and the cars you love. AutoGrafic is a cloud-based interactive social platform designed for the single car owner, museums, large collectors, and everyone in between to give car owners a place to build out, share, and service their beloved cars.

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